• Miniature M55116 Type Connectors

    New military and commercial applications are demanding a reduction in connector size and weight without a loss of performance. Amphenol NEXUS Technologies has met that demand with its new Miniature M55116-Type TAC Connectors for soldier-worn applications, radio systems, and ruggedized communications systems.
    TAC Connectors are designed and manufactured to the exacting specifications of MIL-DTL-55116 requirements at half the size of the standard connectors.
    Amphenol NEXUS Technologies TAC Connectors are the ideal choice to reduce size and weight and still maintain many of the same performance benefits wherever a M55116 connector is needed on a newly designed system.

  • Product - Audio Plugs

    Amphenol Nexus Technologies manufactures the complete line of qualified MIL-DTL-55116 five and six pin audio connectors.
    This encompasses waterproof, polarized plugs and receptacles for use in audio frequency circuits at 60 volts maximum potential and 0.5 amperes maximum current.
    Connectors can utilize either crimp sleeve or solder cup contacts. The rigid contacts in the plug connectors mate with the pogo-pin, or spring-loaded, contacts in the receptacle.
    Plugs come with a wire strain relief or molded strain relief. Receptacles are available in either panel-mount or an in-line receptacle.
    Connector options, such as shielding, filtering, right-angle connectors, and miniaturization of M55116 products are available.
    These connectors are used throughout military radio systems and intercom systems for ground, vehicle, airborne, and naval communications.

  • Miniatures

    Amphenol Nexus Technologies is the leader in watertight, breakaway connectors designed to meet severe environmental conditions. Our connectors, which are watertight in up to 6 feet of water, have molded-on wiping-action contacts that provide a self-cleaning feature and eliminate issues with pin/socket open contacts.
    The 7-Pin and 10-Pin connectors are designed for multiple cable diameters, are available in shielded versions, and can include either solder-type contacts or insulation-piercing contacts, which are field-replaceable.
    Many of the 7- and 10-Pin Connectors also come in a miniature version that is 50% smaller than the standard connector. All standard connector options are also available in the miniaturized versions.
    Connector applications include:

    • C4I systems
    • Military aircraft
    • Commercial aircraft
    • Military ground vehicles
    • Soldier systems
    • Missiles and Ordnance
    • Commercial / Industrial equipment

  • Product - Telephone Plugs

    Amphenol Nexus Technologies has been a long time manufacturer and qualified military supplier of airborne audio connectors, see MIL-DTL-9177. Our special ruggedized design has been the industry standard on military and commercial helmets and headsets for many years.
    In addition to the mil-qualified parts, we offer a number of connector options for different mounting styles, switch functions, and soldier attachments. Electrical, mechanical, and environmental features of these connectors include:

    • Environment resisting
    • RFI/EMI protection
    • Low-level circuit capabilities
    • High cross-talk resistance
    This connector design isn’t just limited to communications systems. Other markets are exploring the benefits of the quick-disconnect, rotatable connector design for harsh environments including oilfield/downhole systems and other commercial/industrial applications.

  • Product - Microphone Plugs

    Amphenol Nexus Technologies has been a long-time supplier of microphone plugs and jacks to the military and commercial helmet and headset industry. Our reliable products are the standard connector of choice for ruggedized, quality communications systems.
    Our microphone plugs and jacks are available with either 2 or 3-pins and a locking mechanism. Other designs include selector switches and connector designs with other standard Amphenol Nexus products.

  • push_button_switches

    Amphenol Nexus Technologies manufactures a wide variety of push-pull and momentary switches for multiple markets and applications. Many of the switches can be incorporated with our connectors for Customers have come to rely on our design capabilities and prefer the tactile feel of our quality switches.
    In addition to the MIL-S-8805/3, or MS25089, switches, Amphenol Nexus Technologies makes a number of custom switches to meet a wide variety of design needs.
    Our switches are used in many military and commercial applications including:

    • Military and commercial aircraft
    • Avionics
    • Ground vehicles
    • Naval systems
    • Ruggedized communications systems
    • Command systems
    • Soldier systems
    • Industrial applications