Unit of Measure


Number of Contacts

N/A 6

Alternate P/N

N/A M55116/10 U-183 Type

Connector Style

N/A Receptacle

Contact Types

N/A Solder Cup Spring

Strain Relief

N/A Panel Mount

Shell Material

N/A Stainless Steel, 303, Passivated


N/A Bayonet Coupling

Mating Cycles

N/A 3000


N/A -55 to 85 ºC

Insert Material

N/A Thermoset Plastic

Contact Material

N/A Gold-plated Brass / Silver-plated BeCu (Springs)

Current Rating

N/A 0.5 A

Voltage Rating Maximum

N/A 60 V

Contact Depression

N/A 1.25-1.75 lbs per contact

Contact Resistance Maximum

N/A .050 O

Insulation Resistance

N/A 1000 megaohms min, except for connectors unmated after immersion test shall not be less than 100 megaohms

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage; Sea Level (RMV)

N/A 500 V

Water Immersion

N/A 6 feet of water up to 48 hours (mated and unmated)